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Fuji NXT (4x)M6+(4x)M3 + TU-M inc. Feeders, etc.

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UK - England - North
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DEC 2004
8 Module Machine
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Dealer Owner

Used Fuji NXT

Enhance Technical Services Ltd. are offering one of the the most advanced and
flexible SMT placement systems on the market today.

The Fuji NXT is a modular platform which can be configured to suit almost all
placement requirements while offering:
Small Footprint
Highest Up Time
Most flexible long-term solution (low cost to re-configure heads if future
plans change).

Used Fuji NXT
✔ 4-Base (Dec 2004)
✔ 8-Base (Jul 2004)
✔ 4x M3 Modules
(Dec 2004)
✔ 4x M6 Modules (Jul
✔ 6x H08 Heads
✔ 1x H04 Head
✔ 1x H01 Head
✔ Feeder Stand
✔ Feeder Set Up Jig
✔ Nozzles
✔ 109x 8mm
✔ 20x 12mm
✔ 11x 16mm
✔ 5x 24mm
✔ 2x 32mm
✔ 1x 44mm

The table above shows the machine as it is configured currently. There are
multiple other configurations and the machine could be split into 2 smaller
machines with ease.
The table above shows the specifications based on the current Head
Configuration. Heads are easily interchangeable (within 2 mins + 4 mins auto
calibration). New heads are low cost, thus enabling the machine to be specified
with the correct Part Size / Size for each module.

This configuration allows for a high throughput, with flexible parts capability

Installation and Training
Where required, Installation, Commissioning and training can be offered. This
includes set up for initial product(s).

The equipment will be available in June 2007.

If required, acceptance can be carried out at our facility(UK).
Module Type Head Type CPH 8mm Feeder Tray Parts
M3 H08 10,000cph 20 - 7.5mm
M3 H08 10,000cph 20 - 7.5mm
M3 H08 10,000cph 20 - 7.5mm
M3 H08 10,000cph 20 - 7.5mm
M6 H08 10,000cph 45 - 7.5mm
M6 H08 10,000cph 45 - 7.5mm
M6 H04 5,000cph 45 - 38mm
M6 H01 3,600cph 20 10
Totals 68,600cph 235Feeder Pos 10 Tray
Max Component
or 74mm sq

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