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Leica SR530 System 500 GPS Total station

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Total Station
6800 USD
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# Achieves 1.0 cm accuracy using RTK radio modems (included) and 0.3cm acuracy using post-processed data
# SR530 24-channel Dual-Frequency Geodetic GPS receivers track L1, L2 of the highest accuracy with on-board RTK.
# Pacific Crest Long-Range 35 watt Base Radio Kit is Brand New.
# SR530's utilize Leica ClearTrack technology for unsurpassed satellite tracking, best signal-to-noise ratios, jamming resistant, multipath mitigation and low latency
# ClearTrack guarantees fast satellite acquisition and reliable tracking, evem to low satellites in poor conditions
# ClearTrack utilizes self-checking real-time algorithms to provide the best RTK
# SR530's offer fast, reliable ambiguity resolution on the fly and cm-accuracy
# SR530's are small, light, rugged easy to use
# Can be used with Radio Modem, GSM phone, or Static Observations using post-processed data
# Real-Time Kinematic, Static, rapid static, Stop & Go Kinematic, On-the-fly, DGPS, Navigation, and Post Processing

Package Includes:
Description Quantity
Leica SR530 dual-frequency geodetic real-time receivers (2)
Leica TR500 Terminal with display and keyboard (1)
Leica AT502 dual-frequency antenna with 5/8 thread (1)
Leica AX1202 dual-frequency antenna with 5/8 thread (1)
Leica 1.2m antenna cable (2)
Leica 2.8m antenna cable (1)
Leica GEB121 plug-in rechargeable NiCAD batteries (4)
Leica MiniPack holds GPS Receiver (1)
Leica Telescopic Rod (1)
Leica GKL122-1 Pro Charger (1)
Leica GRT146 Carrier with 5/8" Screw (1)
Pacific Crest 35 watt Base Radio Kit (450-470 MHz) (1)
Pacific Crest Rover Radio GFU-15 housing (450-470 MHz) (1)
Leica PDL Radio Cable connects to SR530 (1)
Leica Height Hook (ft/metric) (1)
CST/Berger Heavy-Duty Wood Fiberglass Tripod (1)
Crain 2m Rover GPS Pole (1)
Seco TR500 Terminal Holder for Rover Pole (1)
Seco Rover Pole Bracket (1)
Leica Geo Office Software (1)
Leica GDF112 Basic Tribrach with optical plummet (1)

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About this Leica SR530 listing - This is a for sale classified ad for a used, surplus or second hand Leica SR530 equipment. It is posted by one of our members. To contact the seller of this item please click the WebMail icon at the bottom of this listing or view this user's profile for detailed contact info.
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