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Delta Electronics OIB-2 High Frequency Operating Impedance Bridge 2-30 MHz

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Delta Electronics
High Frequency Operating Impedance Bridge, 2-30 MH
Guaranteed to work for 30-days, parts and labor, e
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Delta Electronics OIB-2 High Frequency Operating Impedance Bridge 2-30 MHz

This unit is guaranteed to work for 30-days, parts and labor, excluding freight.

The Unit's Serial Number Tag Reads:
Model Number: OIB-2
Serial Number: 457
Frequency Range: 2-30 MHz

General Information:
The Delta Electronics, Inc. Model OIB-2 High Frequency Operating Impedance Bridge is an impedance measuring instrument based on a new bridge principle. It permits the measurement of impedance under power, with a minimum of insertion effects on the circuit being measured. The bridge will handle a through power of up to 1,000 watts at moderate standing wave ratios. Resistance and reactance values are read directly from two drum dials located on the front of the panel. An internal detector is provided so that when the bridge is operating in a power circuit, no other instrument is required.

Serial Numbers 212 and up of the Model OIB-2 High Frequency Operating Impedance Bridge incorporate a new DC amplifier circuit. This new amplifier circuit uses a state-of-the-art MOS/FET operational amplifier to provide improved signal sensitivity and reduced thermal drift.

Operating Impedance:
The term "operating impedance" is defined as the complex ratio of the voltage applied to a load to the current flowing in the load when it is operating under normal power and in its normal environment. In many cases, this impedance differs substantially from the "self-impedance" or "cold impedance" of the load. In antenna systems, for example, a separate radiator has a self-impedance when operating in free space. When it is combined in an antenna array, its operating impedance differs from its self-impedance by the coupled impedances from adjacent radiator elements, or its image.

Many loads have an operating impedance which differs with applied power level. In dielectric heating applications, for example, the operating impedance of the dielectric varies substantially with applied power. Meaningful impedance measurements must, therefore, be made at normal power level.

Differences Between Bridges:
The Delta Electronics, Inc. Model OIB-2 High Frequency Operating Impedance Bridge differs from bridges based on classical design, in that the bridge can handle a substantial power level and causes a minimum of insertion effects. This permits the direct measurement of operating impedance as defined above. For example, in the dielectric heating problem cited above, the Model OIB-2 can be inserted directly in the circuit and the operating impedance of the load measured under normal power. Bridges of a classical design are ordinarily incapable of handling large amounts of power. They measure the "cold" impedance of the load. When the matching circuits are adjusted from these measurements, it is found that a satisfactory match is not obtained when power is applied.

In measuring the operating impedance of various elements of a complex directional antenna, the installation of a normal bri

MHz Electronics, Inc.

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