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Branson IPC Barrel Resist Stripper Plasma Etcher

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Branson | IPC | Dionex
Barrel Resist Plasma Stripper Etcher
PM11020 | Series 2000 / PM119-500
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Branson / IPC / Dionex Series 2000 Plasma Processing Reactor Quartz Chamber

Quartz Plasma Reactor Chamber
Model: PM 11020

Branson | IPC Barrel Stripping Control System
Model: 2000
** Manual / Auto Operation
** 3 Gas Input & Control
**3 Program Control

Branson | IPC | Dionex 500 Watt RF Generator
Model: PM119-500

Branson | IPC | Dionex Temperature Control System
Model: PM921C - Temperature Controller

The following is a summary of the Terms & Conditions of Use & Sale, which are incorporated here by this reference and govern this transaction in their entirety, and which you are advised to read by visiting & clicking on “TERMS OF SALE”: SRC Surplus disclaims & Buyer waives any & all representations, guarantees and/or warranties of any kind whatsoever, express or implied, regarding this item. This item is sold AS IS, WHERE IS, & AS DEPICTED, with all faults, defects & imperfections acknowledged & waived by Buyer & without any warranties of any kind.
Buyer agrees to indemnify SRC Surplus for any claims arising from Buyer’s use of this item. SRC Surplus shall not be liable to Buyer for any consequential, incidental, indirect, statutory, punitive or exemplary damages. This transaction shall be governed in all respects by the laws of the State of Arizona, & any & all actions brought by Buyer arising out of or in any way connected with this transaction shall be subject to jurisdiction only in Phoenix, Arizona, SRC Surplus’ principal place of business.

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About this Branson | IPC | Dionex PM11020 | Series 2000 / PM119-500 listing - This is a for sale classified ad for a used, surplus or second hand Branson | IPC | Dionex PM11020 | Series 2000 / PM119-500 equipment. It is posted by one of our members. To contact the seller of this item please click the WebMail icon at the bottom of this listing or view this user's profile for detailed contact info.
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